10 health benefits of Yacon Syrup superfood

Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup

This organic syrup is a recent discovery in the medical field. The health benefits of Yacon syrup (extracted from the Yacon plant and common in Central America) is considerably centered on its ability to help lose weight. But that is certainly not all that this natural product can offer, as Yacon syrup has also been identified as an immune system booster with a long list of associated benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the main health benefits of yacon syrup.

Top Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup You Should Know

1. Management of Blood Sugar: Because this substance has fructooligosaccharides, users who include this in their meal as a substitute for sugar do not increase blood sugar levels in their body. This is due to the carbohydrates in the syrup known as inulin which can provide almost half the sweetness of sugar without actually increasing the blood sugar level. This advantage truly elevates the health benefits of Yacon syrup superfood.

2. Better liver health:  When silymarin is combined with Yacon syrup, the mixture can help rid cholesterol and bad fats in the liver.

3. Prevents Cancer: One of the top health benefits of Yacon syrup has to do with cancer prevention. It was revealed in a study published in the journal “Chemistry and Biodiversity” that the Yacon plant and hence yacon syrup was found to have anti-cancer properties being beneficial to the prevention of colon, blood and skin cancers.

4. Increases Metabolism: Another major positive of taking this syrup has to do with losing weight. It is no wonder that it has become popular for weight loss, because it has properties which increase the human metabolism rate, burning twice as many calories from carbohydrates and fats.

5. Reconditions the Body: Another addition to the many health benefits of Yacon syrup is that it provides the same effect as rebooting the body. With continued usage of Yacon syrup, the body will retain more nutrients and get rid of extra calories from food consumption. Yacon syrup immune system booster helps in keeping the body less conducive for bacteria and harmful oxidants to take shelter.

6. Suppresses Appetite: This wonder syrup can help reduce hunger and is recommended for those with an insatiable appetite. As this healthy drink can delay the urge to eat, those who consume it will reduce their calorie intake. 

7. Fresh Yacon Root: Fresh Yacon root takes a similar shape to that of a sweet potato but with a texture that somewhat resembles that of an apple.  The taste is a little like that of a watermelon.  Yacon root can be eaten raw, cooked or juiced which makes it easy to fit into a balanced diet.

8. Reduced Constipation Symptoms: One of the many health benefits of Yacon syrup is in the way it aids in the digestive processes. The sugar level of this syrup can help boost enzymes in the digestive tract and move food faster in the intestine. Yacon is what others would consider to be a natural laxative.

9. A good alternative to controlling diabetes: Using Yacon syrup as an alternative to sugar will help diabetics control their sugar more effectively.

10. Boost the body’s defenses:  With Yacon syrup immune system booster, the body becomes less prone to general sickness and ailments.

A daily dose of Yacon syrup superfood will help the body retain the necessary nutrients it needs to function well. And with just a spoonful a day of this syrup, a number of other benefits will surely help you achieve better energy levels and a fuller life ahead.

References: Yacon Syrup | Healthy Eating 

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