Benefits of adding hemp seeds to diet and How to do it

How To Plan a Healthy Snack and Add Hemp Seeds to Diet

It is quite alarming to know that statistics on obesity, heart diseases and other serious illnesses have been rising over the past years. A well known reason for this is the rising of unhealthy foods coupled with lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyles. In answer to this growing diet dilemma, awareness for healthier meals is now in focus. Hemp seed, being one of those highly-nutritious foods, is a great ingredient to utilize in preparing  hearty and healthy meals. When you add hemp seeds to diet plans, the right nutrients can be obtained. Raw hemp hearts health benefits have also been identified, here is how you can benefit too:

Add Hemp Seeds to your Diet with Hemp Smoothies and Salads: 

Getting started with Hemp Seed Smoothies: A healthy way to control your weight is by taking small snacks in between meals. Dieticians have emphasized that this step actually helps control hunger and overeating. With a simple hemp seed smoothie, you get a refreshing snack without feeling guilty afterwards. Some health buffs even incorporate raw hemp in their regular meal plans to further benefit from all the goodness. When you add hemp seeds to diet snacks, you help your body get the nutrients it has lost over time without that bloated feeling afterwards.

How to prepare: One cup of coconut milk or other non-dairy milk, one organic banana, one cup organic peeled mango, one tablespoon maca powder, two organic and pitted medjool dates, and a tablespoon of organic hemp seeds. You may choose to add camu camu powder to this drink if you prefer. For garnishing, prepare organic berries and chia seeds.

Blend: This may not take long; a few good spins with your trusty blender will do the wonder in three minutes or even less. Check to see it there’s still some solid bits in the mixture. After they are all fully dissolved, you can pour it in a tall glass and put in the desired garnish. Remember when you add hemp seeds to diet snacks and a variety of other meals, you help boost your body’s defense against inflammation and common illnesses such as cold and flu.

When to Drink: This easy snack can be enjoyed anytime of the day as long as it is always in moderation. One glass equals one serving. This ensures that you get the right amount of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which are effective agents that fight and control a number of illnesses such as diabetes, certain cancers and autoimmune diseases. When you add hemp seeds to your diet and engage in healthy physical activities, a fit and strong body will be attained.

Hemp Seed Salads: If you aren’t too much into smoothies, you can also tweak some of your favorite recipes or simply add some hemp seeds to a salad or salad dressing. Whatever option you choose the raw hemp hearts health benefits such as increased immunity against certain diseases, are just too good to miss out on. So help secure a better health for yourself by preparing and adding hemp seeds to your diet and meal plans. It sure beats opening a bag of chips or getting a cola drink in the fridge!

Mention diet snacks and some people tend to cringe. The taste is somewhat synonymous with bland or unpleasant foods. With hemp seeds, however, it changes all that. Hemp seeds don’t have such a strong taste, so you don’t need to worry about them being overpowering in your meals. Try adding some raw hemp seeds to your next salad or smoothie and benefit from these powerful superfood seeds.

References: Trehugger | RawFoodRecipes  

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