Benefits of using orange blossom water in cooking

What are the Benefits of using Orange Blossom water in cooking? 

What are the best ways to use orange blossom water in cooking? Some may think that floral water is not to be used for food, but it actually is a staple of certain Moroccan dishes. If you are looking for an exotic and fragrant touch in your recipes, you may want to know how to use orange blossom water in cooking.

5 Ways to Use Orange Blossom Water in Cooking

Add to your desserts: Perhaps the most obvious use for orange blossom water in cooking, this ingredient adds a floral touch to your ice creams and puddings. It is quite easy to add orange blossom water to your desserts, since its fragrance is very subtle—it will not overpower or clash with your creations. It’s not even that difficult! For instance, you need only put a few drops of orange blossom water on homemade vanilla ice cream. This aromatic water can work with other confectioneries, such as custard and cream.

Pair with fruits:  Another good way to use orange blossom water for your culinary exploits is by garnishing your fresh fruit servings with it. If you prefer fruits over ice cream and pudding, this nice-smelling water can still work wonders for you. Simply serve your apricots, strawberries, or other sweet fruits with this aromatic water, to achieve that full floral and fruity scent. Whether you prefer to serve your fruits hot or cold, caramelized or unseasoned, orange blossom water can enhance your experience.

Enhance your cakes and breads: Orange blossom water is well-known for its wonderful scent, which goes with pancakes, waffles, and bread. As with the previous ideas, you need not overexert yourself to use orange blossom water in these baking endeavors! Add a little orange blossom water in your dough, to turn your baked goods into fragrant works of beauty. In this case, you can consider orange blossom water as a viable and natural alternative to artificial flavors, such as vanilla.

Moroccan Bastilla: If you want to go all-out and make a Moroccan dish, in which you can use orange blossom water, then try making Chicken Bastilla, which is a very popular Moroccan pie. Bastilla is well-known for having a complex mix of great flavors. This involves a hodgepodge of savory ingredients, such as saffron-infused chicken meat, fried almonds, and omelette, all stuffed into a crispy shell called warga. The stuffing of this dish also includes a dash of orange blossom water.

Moroccan Milkshake: Why not pair up your Bastilla with Morocco’s own almond milkshake? This drink, while very easy to make, perfectly complements the mixed flavors of Moroccan dishes, while helping you cool down. Throw in some almonds, milk, sugar, ice, and orange blossom water into a blender. Et voila, the perfect sweet-smelling and tasting drink!

Orange blossom water can add a very refreshing twist to your dishes. For an ingredient that does not take too much effort to add, it lets you enhance your cooking and dining experience significantly! There are lots more ways to —your creativity is the limit!

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