Coconut milk Vs Almond milk

Coconut Milk Compared To Almond Milk

In today’s marketplace, there are many alternatives to food choices. Milk is no stranger to this. Back then, the only type of milk that was available was cow’s milk, which some had developed an allergy to. Today, there are numerous alternatives to cow’s milk, two of which are coconut milk, and almond milk. Both of these are immensely popular, and the coconut milk vs. almond milk debate goes on up to now. Compared to almond milk, how does coconut milk stand up? Which one is healthier and tastier? Here, we compare the nutritional value, and flavor of coconut milk with those of almond milk.

Coconut milk vs almond milk and their health benefits

Coconut milk: Coconut milk has always been a popular choice amongst many. Being part of the “tree of life”, coconut milk boasts of many nutrients and areas of usage, and is an essential ingredient of curry. Compared to almond milk, coconut milk has a high fat content. However, experts say that this does not necessarily deter any weight loss endeavors. Even if coconut milk is rich in saturated fat, the fat within coconut milk consists medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). In comparison with long-chain triglycerides (LCT), MCTs are highly soluble in water. Therefore, this moves through the digestive system quicker, and is transformed into energy. Very little MCT residue is left, meaning that there is almost no fat deposit left. Coconut milk also appears to be more brain-friendly, compared to almond milk. Since coconut milk provides convertible fat, it can provide the brain with an alternative energy source, mitigating the damaging effects of conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Almond milkThe popularity of almond milk has soared in recent times. Compared to coconut milk, almond milk is one of the favored kinds, due to its nutty taste. Some people even consider it a very good alternative to coconut milk for curry recipes. Health-wise, almond milk has a wider range of minerals, while having a lower fat content than coconut milk. A serving of almond milk contains healthy levels of vitamin E, selenium, potassium, and calcium. This way, you keep your bones, skin, and muscles healthy. In addition, almond milk is a rich source of flavanols, a substance that is also present in cacao. These flavanols help protect your body from the degenerative impact of free radicals, such as rapid ageing. Lastly, while coconut milk has a high fat content, almond milk is very heart-friendly, as it contains omega-3, a fatty acid that boosts circulatory health, prevents cholesterol build-up, and prevents heart disease.

Will you go for coconut milk, or almond milk? 

Both almond milk and coconut milk have their merits. Coconut milk, being known for its versatility and wide range of benefits, has been proven to prevent mental degeneration. Almond milk, the lighter of the two, is famous for its rich flavor, low calorie content, and high mineral contents. The main disadvantage between the two lies in distribution—in their retail form, they lose some of their nutritional value, and may even contain harmful chemicals. For instance, coconut milk cans have been shown to have bisphenol A, a synthetic restorative chemical that may mix with the milk. In conclusion, coconut milk, when compared to almond milk, is just as good.

References: SuperhumanCoach | LiveStrong 

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