Health benefits of using Barley flour in baking

What Are the Health Benefits of Using Barley Flour in Baking? 

Have you ever tried using barley flour for your breads and cakes? People conventionally use white flour and wheat flour for baking. However, barley flour is a good—if not better—alternative to white and wheat flours, if you want to bake tasty and healthy pastries. This ingredient is known for its soft, chewy texture and sweet, subtle flavor. Aside from flour, barley is also fermented to make quality alcoholic beverages. Barley is also a staple in certain stews, making it a very versatile food ingredient. What are the benefits of barley flour in baking? Let’s examine how barley flour can make magic out of your baking exploits.

Three Astounding Health Benefits of Using Barley Flour in Baking 

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels: If you have diabetes, you may want to include barley bread in your diet. One of the foremost health benefits of barley flour in baking is its sugar-reducing ability. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) gives weight to this claim, by giving barley products a low glycemic index (GI) rating, compared to other carbohydrate-rich foods, such as white and wheat bread. According to research, barley may be better than oats at controlling blood sugar. The study, which involved testing the insulin and glucose levels of some people who ate either oat or barley products, showed that barley is more effective at lowering blood sugar. Further research shows that eating barley every day reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 13%.

Cleans Up Your Colon: Are you in need of a good digestive detox? Baking with barley flour can help you keep your intestines and heart healthy. Barley is rich in fiber, which can significantly help your body rid itself of waste. The fiber content of barley flour consists of both the soluble and insoluble kind, both of which have different health benefits. Soluble fiber is responsible for the cholesterol-lowering ability of barley flour, while insoluble fiber helps clean your colon. We’ll discuss how barley flour benefits your heart further on in this post. Meanwhile, insoluble fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer drastically, and helps purge haemorrhoids from your system.

Maintains Cardiovascular Health: Have we mentioned that barley flour is great for the heart? Many older people suffer from cardiac diseases, which can be a real pain to deal with. However, baking with barley flour may provide significant benefits in reducing accumulated bad cholesterol. According to studies, eating barley cereal daily reduces your likelihood of contracting heart diseases by almost a third. This is because of the high fiber content in barley. The fiber in barley also forces your body to burn up more cholesterol faster, by helping excrete bile. This way, your liver churns out more bile, using up even more cholesterol, and leaving less in your bloodstream.

Will You Enjoy the Health Benefits of Barley Flour in Baking? 

The benefits of using barley flour in baking are undeniable. While barley flour may not have as much gluten as other flours, it overcompensates for this, by keeping your heart and intestines healthy, and by keeping your blood sugar at a minimum. Experience the health benefits of barley flour today!

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