Health Benefits of Coconut oil for Hair

Benefits of Coconut oil for Hair

Is coconut oil good for your hair you may be asking? When it comes to hair care, coconut oil is currently all the rage. Many people are using the oil for hair treatment, claiming that it has a number of benefits for your hair and scalp. Some people use the oil in its natural form, as a conditioner. Aside from that, hair care companies are boasting of coconut oil in their formulae. Is coconut oil really good for your hair, though? And what does coconut oil do for your hair? Studies have shown that coconut oil really is good for your hair. Read up to learn how you can use coconut oil as an alternative to your hair care products.

Coconut oil Health Benefits: How, exactly, can coconut oil benefit your hair? 

It facilitates hair growth: It can be worrisome to have your hair fall in clumps. Many people suffer from hair loss nowadays, because of constant exposure to free radicals, and high levels of stress. This is where coconut oil can be good for your hair. According to a 2003 research, coconut oil is more effective than two oils that are common amongst hair products: mineral and sunflower oil. This is because of the lauric acid present in coconut oil, a chemical that helps your hair retain its proteins, and keep it from falling out all the time. Additionally, massaging coconut oil onto your scalp facilitates blood flow into your follicles, helping keep your hair in place.

It helps moisturize your hair and scalp: Dry hair can be a real pain! Many environmental factors, such as direct sunlight and dust, can cause your scalp to dry up. Aside from that, hormonal factors can also cause dryness in your hair and scalp. It is no secret that coconuts have amazing hydration benefits. How can the hydrating properties of coconut oil benefit your hair, though? Coconut oil also has vitamins E and K, as well as iron—nutrients that softens and shines your hair. Unlike most hair products, coconut oil can get inside the shaft of your hair. This way, the oil stimulates moisture from within, and help your hair retain its lustre for longer.

It repairs damaged hair and helps get rid of dandruff: Move over, Head & Shoulders! The nutrient content in coconut oil has antifungal benefits, making it a great anti-dandruff treatment for your hair and scalp. How does coconut oil do this for your hair, you ask? When you apply coconut oil on your hair, it adds to the vitamin E content, which helps eliminate harmful fungi that may eat away on the natural oils in your scalp, and form dandruff clusters. Additionally, coconut oil can be good for damaged hair. It restores and sustains moisture in your hair and scalp, which you may lose due to excessive heat treatments.

Will you benefit from using Coconut oil on your hair?

Whether you’re looking to rid yourself of dry and damaged hair or dandruff, or want a natural alternative to conditioners, coconut oil is amazing for you. Its chemical components can bring life back to damaged hair, keep it clean and moisturized, and prevent the damaged caused by overexposure and fungi. Furthermore, it smells good, does not cost too much, and is accessible. Now, would you agree that coconut oil is good for your hair?

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