Health Benefits of Echinacea on Immune System

Discovering Key Health Benefits of Echinacea on Immune System

Colds and flu can be a treacherous ailment that can affect your daily activity. As there are many over-the-counter drugs to help you cope with the effects of the common cold and flu, there are a number of other alternatives such as herbal medications that you may want to consider. With less side effects and more friendly ingredients as they contain natural components, herbs and botanicals are growing a fairly large following among many medical communities at present. A popular herb from the daisy flower family, “echinacea” is known to alleviate cold and flu. The health Benefits of echinacea on the immune system became well known after many scientific studies. The echinacea plant is endemic to Eastern and central America, and has been used by Native Americans to cure various ailments. Here’s more about the incredible health benefits of echinacea and how it can help boost the immune system.

Amazing Health Benefits of the Echinacea Plant on the Immune System

Reversal of cold and flu: Following a study conducted by the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy pertaining to the benefits of echinacea on immune system, it was found that a regular intake of this herb help reduce inflammation, thereby aiding in the reversal of cold and flu. Echinacea’s effect on the immune system somehow reduced a person’s susceptibility to catching cold by 58%. In other words, this seems to be a strong  indication that echinacea has great health benefits when it comes to boosting the immune system among others.

Great help to the Immune System:  And not only that, the study also disclosed that exposure to cold can be reduced to only 1.4 days – which makes it a much shorter agony for those suffering from cold and flu related illnesses. Using echinacea on immune system can help the body recover faster. With such a powerful herbal immune system booster, getting sick may not be such a frequent occurrence for people who take this wonder of a herb regularly. Furthermore, as echinacea aids the immune system as a whole, it has also become a handy remedy for gum diseases, bloodstream infections, tonsillitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, typhoid and syphilis.

Safe to be Taken: A regular dosage of echinacea in tablet, powder or tea form can be had in moderation, and does not pose any threat when combined with other natural supplements. As a matter of fact, this herb when ingested as a tablet or mixed in powdered form to any beverage can be taken in regular doses everyday. What may need to be considered is if the person taking it has some form of allergy to echinacea. Other than that, this herb is safe to be taken as part of your daily dietary supplement. The boost provided by echinacea on immune system is indicative of just how helpful this herb is to the human body. With far greater developments in the medical world, more breakthroughs may be seen with the many health benefits of echinacea on immune system.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Echinacea and boost your immune system today!

A great deal of illnesses and infections can be alleviated with the health benefits of echinacea on immune system. What makes it even easier is that a variety of herbal supplements can be purchased over the counter in health stores, pharmacies and other wellness shops. So next time you are coming down with a cold, why not boost your immune system with echinacea and enjoy the health benefits of this potent healer.

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