Health Benefits of using Hemp Seed Oil as a Cleanser

Enjoy the Health Benefits and Use Hemp Seed Oil as a Cleanser for Your Face

Most common among young adults is the appearance of pimples and acne that usually begins at the onset of puberty. However, this condition does not only occur in teenagers. Acne and pimples may very well be carried into adulthood where it becomes a perennial problem because, by then, the face may have already been tarnished by blemishes. Fortunately, there are many natural products you can use to help control acne and pimples. Hemp seed oil is one of these organic products that can be used as a cleanser.  People with oily and acne-prone skin can use hemp seed oil as a cleanser. And they require not so much of a process to give the much needed help for your skin. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to buy a lot of products when you use hemp seed oil as a cleanser. They are also proven to be effective for baldness. Yes, hemp seed oil for skincare and hair regrowth is a new alternative for beauty and wellness today.

How to Make and Use Hemp Seed Oil as a Cleanser

Effective for your face: Studies have revealed that hemp seed oil has one of the lowest comedogenic ratings (0) among botanicals. This simply means that the oil will never cause acne and pimple because it does not clog the pores. When you use hemp seed oil as a cleanser, no clogging occurs because the oil contains 57% of linoleic acid – a natural acid that the skin needs to help it become soft and smooth – enough to balance the production of sebum in the face. When hemp seed oil is applied to the skin, it will reduce the clogging in the pores and balance the production of sebum. Not only is it effective for your face, hemp seed oil for skincare and hair regrowth is also used in many spas and organic products.

How to Prepare Hemp Seed Oil: Preparing to use hemp seed oil as a cleanser is fairly uncomplicated. Since it is a “drier” oil, it may need to be mixed with some other oils to help loosen up the texture a bit. Jojoba oil may be a good companion for hemp seed oil. The ratio of which may vary depending on how dry or oily you want it. With a few drops of the hemp seed oil (a good ratio of 5:1 may be used, with hemp seed oil getting the most part), tap onto the face and massage gently, allowing the skin to absorb the mixture. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and then rinse with warm water.

You may notice that your face may be a little bit oilier after washing; no worries. When you use hemp seed oil as a cleanser, you can be assured of a safe beauty regimen. If you wish to exfoliate, you may do so during this stage, but you can always omit exfoliating if there’s no need. Once done, you may apply hemp seed oil again – this time as a moisturizer. Yes, it can be used to nourish moisture in your skin. After doing so you may wipe your face with a clean towel. Opt for more natural ways to keep your body naturally healthy and beautiful with the use of hemp seed oil for skincare and hair regrowth.

Ready to reap the benefits and Use Hemp Seed Oil as a Cleanser?

Cleansing the face with hemp seed oil is a natural way to keep away acne and pimples, leaving your skin smoother and softer. It’s an inexpensive way to attaining a clearer and brighter skin that you will surely love.

References: Happy Skin | High on Health

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