Hemp Seed Butter vs. Almond Butter and their Health Benefits

Health Benefits: Hemp Seed Butter vs. Almond Butter

Is hemp seed butter better than almond butter? Both these products are currently on the rise on food shelves everywhere. Almond butter has become a staple in recipes, such as pastries and smoothies. Hemp seed butter, on the other hand, is steadily rising in popularity, as a tasty and nutritious alternative to conventional butters. Why is there a “hemp seed butter vs. almond butter” debate, though? This is because of the high cholesterol content of most dairy products, and the allergies that some people may have to peanut butter. Here, we explore the nutritional content, as well as the pros and cons of hemp seed spread and almond spread.

Hemp Seed Butter vs. Almond Butter: The Pros and Cons of these 2 Superfoods 

Hemp Seed Butter Health Benefits: Between the two, hemp seed butter is lesser known. Hemp seed butter also has a light, nutty taste. If you prefer your butter with a subtle, non-overpowering taste, hemp seed butter is the one for you. The nutritional value of hemp seed butter also makes it a stiff contender against almond butter. According to a Czech research conducted in 1955, hemp was considered by medical practitioners as a viable cure to the degenerative effects of tuberculosis. In addition, the seeds of the cannabis plant are a rich source of amino and fatty acids, which help sustain the health of organs such as the heart. Some have even purported cannabis seeds and other plant products to help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, by clearing and preventing fatty buildup in the arteries. The proteins in hemp seed butter are very digestible, which means that your body will absorb them better. According to reviews, hemp food products can also help with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and cramps, act as an effective anti-inflammatory agent, and increase overall energy and well-being.

Almond Butter Health Benefits: Similar to hemp seed butter, almond butter also contains fatty acids which are good for your heart. Research shows that almonds significantly reduced the risk of heart disease, and can help you lose weight. Among the various types of nut butters, almond butter has been shown to be the healthiest—it is chock-full of important vitamins and minerals, as well as flavonoids, a phytochemical which is an amazing antioxidant. Almond butter is also great for diabetes patients, as almonds help reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, because of its copper and calcium content, almond butter can be good for your skin, muscles, and immunity. Almonds are a rich source of copper, which facilitates melanin production. A small serving of almonds also yields a significant amount of calcium, helping strengthen your bones. Both of these minerals also boost your nervous system. However, almonds contain some of the most common allergens. Those with malfunctioning gall bladder and kidneys may also experience health issues caused by almond butter, as they may be unable to break down oxalates, which almonds are rich in.

Hemp Seed Butter vs. Almond Butter: Which superfood will You Choose? 

There is no clear winner in the “hemp seed butter vs. almond butter” debate. Both of these products are very good for your heart, and can help you improve your cardiovascular health significantly. Hemp seed butter, while seemingly having a high nutritional content, is lesser known, hence the relative scarcity of medical findings on its nutritional value. The information on hemp seed butter as of yet is largely anecdotal. On the other hand, almonds have been the subject of various nutritional studies; the nutritional value of almond butter is based on credible, peer-reviewed sources. Compared to almond butter, hemp seed butter is risk-free, as it has not shown signs of allergens. If there is no history of tree nut allergies in your family, almond butter is the way to go. If you want a perfectly natural and unique alternative, go for hemp seed butter.

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