Honey Cinnamon cleanse health benefits

Health Benefits of doing a Cinnamon Honey Cleanse 

Among lifestyle junkies, natural detoxifying regimens are all the rage. The cinnamon honey cleanse diet is one of the hottest trends in healthy living today. Many health benefits have been attributed to it, such as weight loss, improved circulation and digestion, and increased immunity against common conditions. However, the benefits of cinnamon and honey detox are not that new—this amalgamation of natural substances has been carried over many centuries. In fact, the Chinese fused cinnamon and honey as a do-it-yourself remedy for certain ailments, such as colds. While there has been no scientific consensus on its merits, there has been a myriad of anecdotal support for cinnamon and honey detox. How can you do the cinnamon and honey cleanse?

How to do a Cinnamon Honey Cleanse 

Drink an infusion of cinnamon and honey: This is the most popular application of the cinnamon honey detox. You only need some water, and your cinnamon and honey at a 1:2 ratio, respectively. Boil a cup of water, then add the cinnamon to it. Wait for it to cool. Once it is cool enough, add the honey. Drink half a cup of this mixture first thing in the morning, and right before you sleep. If you are a frequent tea drinker, you will love this! You can also mix your cinnamon and honey to green tea. This helps treat obesity, common colds, and heart problems. Remember, though, to add the honey only when the water has cooled, as high temperatures can severely reduce the amount of nutrients present in it. You can only glean the nutritional value of honey if it is in low or room temperature.

Apply cinnamon and honey on ailing parts of the body: People who frequently experience muscle and joint pain can benefit from a cinnamon and honey treatment. Traditional arthritis treatments involved mixing cinnamon and honey with massage oils, and rubbing the mixture on the afflicted areas. Who says you can’t do this yourself? You can use cinnamon and honey to replace or improve aromatic massage oils. For chronic skin problems such as acne, honey and cinnamon detox treatments have also proven beneficial. Just mix two parts honey with one part cinnamon, and use the mixture to wash your face daily. Rinse with clean water.

Include cinnamon and honey in your solid food diet and first aid: Why not include cinnamon and honey recipes in your diet, for maximum results? Instead of your usual jam and peanut butter, which usually contain a high amount of sugar and saturated fat, try spreading cinnamon and honey on your bread. Aside from being a much healthier alternative to most sandwich spreads, cinnamon and honey contain antioxidants, which help prevent cholesterol from clogging your arteries. It has also been said that cinnamon and honey cleansing can help with toothaches. A paste of cinnamon and honey, when put on aching teeth, can help relieve you of the pain.

Improve your life with cinnamon honey cleanse and enjoy the health benefits today! 

The potential benefits of cinnamon and honey mixtures in your life are too great to ignore. These two organic products, when fused together, have formed a medicinal and lifestyle staple that has endured the test of time and change. It has helped many people around the world improve their metabolism, strengthen their immune system, and rid their bodies of toxic elements. Furthermore, cinnamon and honey cleanses are, tasty, natural, and risk-free. You need not worry about the taste–there are several types of cinnamon on the market, the most enticing and fragrant of which is Ceylon cinnamon. Combine this with the sweetening power of honey, and you have a natural tag team of excellent flavor and nutritive value.

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