How to reap the Health Benefits of flaxseed Superfood in Meals

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Flaxseed Superfood  

Considered to be another member of the superfoods group, flax seeds also known as linseeds, is a fairly new addition to the healthy food scene in the way its used in common meals. The rising obesity rates and unhealthy lifestyles has increased demands for the inclusion of flaxseeds and other healthier options in daily meals and food items. Here’s some easy ways that you can benefit from flaxseeds too.

Health Benefits: 5 ways to include Flaxseed Superfood in Meals

1. Add flaxseeds to porridge: When you include flaxseeds in meals, you not only offer the body the chance to eat right but provide a much better way to keep your body fit with the right food items to sustain your daily routine. Flax seeds fiber is known to help digestion and for that reason many companies have started to focus on healthier options and include flaxseeds in meals and in many of their products. But why not simply sprinkle some on to your morning porridge? It’s yummy with fresh berries, a bit of honey and some flaxseeds on top. These tiny seeds are packed with healthy goodness that cannot be found in many grains and dried seed varieties. Flax seeds are a rich source of omega 3 fats. Its effect on the body is known to help boost the defenses of the immune system, preventing inflammation, diabetes and the onset of heart diseases.

2. Use flaxseeds in baking: This is a popular way to enjoy the health benefits of flaxseed superfood. Because flaxseeds have a nutty smell and taste, it goes well with many baked goods such as muffins and breads. And since the seeds have a high resistance for heat, the nutrients remain even after the baking process, ensuring you that the nutrients are still there when you eat the bread. Whether it is sweet or savory bread, the texture and taste will not be altered drastically when flaxseeds are included.

3. Use flaxseeds with Yogurt and Smoothies: When you include flaxseeds in meals – like in a smoothie, for example – you get your daily fiber requirements ticked and better bowel movement because of the way flaxseeds fiber aids digestion. One tablespoon in a yogurt or smoothie will do wonders.

4. Use flaxseeds when making chili, spaghetti sauce and stews: The nutty aroma of the flaxseeds will heighten the smell and taste of your sauces and stews. This will also provide enough fiber and omega 3 fatty acids which is beneficial in controlling hormones and in some cases of inflammation.

5. Add flax seeds to your favorite condiments: This is another simple way to enjoy the health benefits of flaxseed superfood. Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise get an added kick with ground flaxseeds incorporated into these condiments. The seeds do not give off a strong aroma ensuring that the taste, texture and even the smell will not be completely overpowered by the seeds.

A dash of ground or whole flaxseeds will do your food wonders – not in the physical sense but with the nutritional richness of this ingredient. When you include flaxseeds in meals, not only increases your defense against diseases but you also improve your ability to recuperate when harmful elements pose a threat to your health. Also, flax seeds fiber digestion properties helps in ensuring that waste materials are flushed out regularly from the body. It is easy to include flaxseed superfood in meals without affecting the texture and taste of the entire meal. In fact, kids will not be able to detect the addition of this ingredient in their meal when you use it in moderation. So always keep a steady supply of flaxseeds in your pantry to make sure your family gets the right food the body needs. Enjoy the health benefits of flax seed superfood today!

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