Raw organic cacao health benefits

A not-so-guilty pleasure: Raw organic cacao health benefits 

Chocolate is everybody’s favorite food. Have you ever wondered why chocolate always seems to make you feel better, no matter how stressed or sad you are? This is because of the chemical contents of the cacao plant. The health benefits of raw organic cacao stem from its chemical composition. It contains flavonoids, thiamin, calcium, and other nutrients which can yield a number of advantages to many areas of your body. However, cacao, just like any other type of food, loses much of its chemical content after processing. Raw organic cacao health benefits are more potent. In its pure, unadulterated form, chocolate can benefit your health in a variety of ways. Many people are learning the health benefits of raw cacao beans, and you should too.

Extraordinary health benefits of raw organic cacao beans 

Improves circulatory and digestive health: Studies have shown that raw organic cacao superfood can benefit the well-being of your circulatory and digestive system. According to a 2006 study, people who ingested raw organic cacao nibs had lower blood pressure than those who did not. Further studies have shown that ingesting organic cacao helps improve heart functions and blood flow—it dilates and strengthens blood vessels. Therefore, this plant can significantly reduce the likelihood of hypertension and related diseases. Cacao nibs also contain high amounts of fiber, as well as chemicals that facilitate proper digestion. These components of cacao help stimulate enzymes to break down food properly, to ensure proper absorption of nutrients.

Boosts mental health: Chocolate has always been known as the go-to food to help you feel better. Cacao contains serotonin, a neurotransmitter which, when produced in the body, relaxes your nervous system, improves your mood, and can prevent the onset of depression and other mental disorders. The flavonoids present within cacao can also reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease. Raw organic cacao also has health benefits for people e.g. students, artists, and creative marketing teams. Aside from making you feel happy and upbeat, cacao has also been proven to improve mental clarity and energy, because it stimulates the production of endorphins. Additionally, chocolate is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs out there. If you are feeling amorous, have some raw organic cacao nibs to improve your health and relationship.

Serves as an effective detoxifier: Many environmental elements can lead to accumulation of high levels of free radicals within our systems. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight, pollution, and stress can damage your body significantly. However, with antioxidants, you can mitigate these damages. The various nutrients present within raw organic cacao nibs creates a plethora of detoxifying benefits for your body. For instance, fiber helps you eliminate waste, which can harm your body if it accumulates. Furthermore, research suggests that cacao may have anticarcinogenic properties. A 2006 study on the effects of flavonoids present in cacao showed that people who did not eat cacao nibs had a 630% chance of dying from cancer, compared to those that consumed cacao beans.

See the amazing raw organic cacao health benefits for yourself! 

Raw organic cacao superfood affords many advantages to your mental and physical well-being, as well as to your relationships. People who have included this in their diets have experienced the health benefits of raw organic cacao. As if those health benefits of raw organic cacao beans were not enough, it can also serve as a light snack! Chocolate, a sweet but healthy temptation, could only come from a more potent source: cacao.

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